Generous Contributions Will Support Youth Entrepreneurs® in Detroit and Around the U.S.

Generous Contributions Will Support Youth Entrepreneurs® in Detroit and Around the U.S.

Detroit, Mich. – The history of innovative music and the future of entrepreneurship education came together last Thursday night, October 25, at the Motown Museum where a fundraiser was held for Youth Entrepreneurs® (YE), an organization that began in a single classroom in 1991 and has since equipped more than 30,000 young people with the entrepreneurial skills, values and vision to pursue their dreams.

Youth Entrepreneurs has been in the Detroit area since 2016 and is now in ten area high schools. The YE program begins with educators who can use YE’s unique curriculum to not only teach core entrepreneurial and economic concepts, but also instill the key principles and character traits, such as integrity and responsibility, that are essential to living a meaningful life and to contribute to communities.

Funds were raised to support students and educators at Thursday’s event, which was also the official kickoff announcement for the 2019 Youth Entrepreneurs Summit, its annual national event for a select group of students and alumni, to be held July 2019 in Detroit.

“We are grateful for the support we received from Guardian Industries, other Detroit-area businesses and organizations, and community leaders at the Motown Museum event,” said Kylie Stupka, president – Youth Entrepreneurs.

“Youth Entrepreneurs is truly about transformation, so it was natural that we would select Detroit for our second national Summit. Home to innovators like Henry Ford and Berry Gordy, Detroit has local entrepreneurs and innovators who have helped the city to overcome many of its challenges,” she added.

Ron Vaupel, president and CEO of Guardian Industries, and co-host for the event, said, “Guardian is proud to support the great work of Youth Entrepreneurs. We believe vulnerable youth in Detroit and around the state of Michigan will benefit tremendously from giving students exposure to and the opportunity to participate in YE and we are committed to supporting this program through our corporate philanthropy.”

Co-host Ethan Davidson shared a similar view: “My father was an entrepreneur who believed in the ability of quality education to provide an equitable distribution of access. I have always believed that the more equitable the distribution of access, the better odds that any given student will be able to succeed.”

Vaupel pointed out that in addition to funds raised, several companies and organizations committed to partnering with Youth Entrepreneurs at the Summit to work alongside students and educators to brainstorm, innovate and find solutions to current issues. Those include:

  • The Henry Ford
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Southwest Airlines Co.
  • Motown Museum

Stupka noted that the Summit will bring together 300 students and alumni of Youth Entrepreneurs, along with many of its educators, to the city which continues to be a source of inspiration and innovation.

“The week-long event will focus on educators’ and students’ immersion in innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal transformation,” she said.

With the help of Guardian Industries and others, YE alumni will collaborate with local innovators to brainstorm about solutions to challenges not only facing Detroit, but the entire nation.

Stupka encouraged other businesses, organizations and community leaders who share the commitment to Detroit, amazing students and dedicated educators to become involved in multiple ways including:

  • Contributing funds to support YE;
  • Becoming a sponsor of the national Summit through a range of sponsorship opportunities;
  • Participating in Innovation Challenge Day that brings YE alumni together with community leaders working on challenges facing Detroit communities to solve real-world problems that impact the world;
  • Being part of the Partnership Expo that connects YE alumni to opportunities in Detroit and beyond; and
  • Exposing attendees to professional development opportunities to help educators and students to continue their journey of personal transformation.

To learn more or to connect with YE on one or more of these opportunities, please contact Sandy Marek, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships —

To learn more about the new Youth Entrepreneurs, visit

About Youth Entrepreneurs

Youth Entrepreneurs® (YE) began in a single classroom in 1991 and has since grown to inspire more than 30,000 young people to achieve far more than they ever thought possible. YE educators receive extensive online resources, training, and the freedom to customize a real-world, hands-on curriculum that benefits their students most. Rooted in entrepreneurial and economic principles, the YE curriculum reveals the innate passions and abilities within students so they believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. YE is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is funded by private donations. For more information, visit

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